The first photography related memory is an argument with my Dad, because my dream, a Polaroid Land Camera, was pretty expensive for us at that time. I was around 9 years old. I got it, but my Dad didn´t know the price of each 8-slides-cassette. This camera and also some Polas from that time are still existing.

my ZIP

A couple of years later I got my first SLR, followed in 1979 by a Nikon F2. Some photos here were taken with that F2, which still belongs to my equipment. Then, in the late 1980s I worked as a sideline photographer for some years in a photo studio for advertising. This time was absolutely great and I will treasure it forever. But at the end I kept it non-professional. I always said, I just will be a professional photographer, if rich people are coming to my place and paying a lot of money in order to get portraits from my hand. Well, it never happened, though I had rich and famous people in front of my lens. But I was grateful for that and they didn´t have to pay for it …..

the first real treasure

When digital cameras got affordable, I switched for some years to this side of the street. I worked in the areas of fashion, event-photography and advertising. Here, the digital equipment is perfect. But I always got back to the portrait photography. I worked with different cameras. Now I am just using an old Pentax 67 from the 1980s for portraits, city strolling and landscape photography. As long as possible, I will stay with it.

I love analogue