The spell

Words of a photographer, who started analogue, switched for some years to digital, and found the way back to film and developer … For me, taking photos in the analogue way, has different important aspects. First of all, I took the first photo in this way when I was a child. But though it might be a bit sentimental, I feel “at home” with film and the smell of fixer in the darkroom. I like to be forced to think more deeply about the result, I want to have. My camera isn´t able to deliver a row of photos, automatically made with different parameters when pressed the bottom once. Sure, as a photographer you should have a feeling for the atmosphere. But using analogue, this feeling has to be even more intensive, because you must choose the right parameters already before releasing the shutter. Finally you are restricted with 8 to 16 negatives on one film ( the regular 120 medium format )

That´s why I feel on a city stroll or a nature walk, that I am watching the places I am, more detailed in the way, what would it be in aperture 5,6 or 8. Simply, this closer look of the world is a good feeling. And talking about portraying people, which is my main passion - I feel to be “closer” to the person in front of the camera because I am not distracted by checking and discussing the instant result on the digital screen. I prefer just to have a calm conversation in order to learn something about the one in front of the lens which is as important as the photo itself for me. And back to the spell. I think, it´s working. Nowadays you can see a growing community not just of old photographers returning to their roots, but also of young people, starting up with technology of the 1980s and a smile, when they are about to buy a roll of film!