the body

For me I would say, working as a photographer in the analogue way has different important aspects. First of all it is the way, I took the first photo with, when I was as a child. But even if it is a kind of being sentimental, I also feel more like “at home” with film and the smell of fixer in the darkroom. As well I have to say, that I feel more connected to the result I am looking for. Using any technology, you have to have a feeling for a situation and the atmosphere. This is something, every Photographer should be able of. But if you use film, this feeling has to be even more intensive. Already before you release the shutter, you must choose the right parameters in order to get the result you have in mind. I want to point out, the sense for the situation must be trained, because you just get 8 to 16 negatives out of one film (regular 120 M